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गूळ खोबर ( Jaggery and dry coconut )

Snacking on Gul Khobra ( Jaggery and dry coconut ) has been a tradition in my family.

It’s quick, easy to grab and go, additionally has many unbeatable health benefits.

Jaggery is RICH in magnesium and hence keeps your intestine happy. Coconut is high in fiber and slows down glucose absorption keeping glucose level in control. Hence it help keep you fuller for longer and also cuts down on the sugar craving while giving you a sweet treat for snack.

In my opinion consumption of coconut is great pre-workout too as it is loaded with fat and the medium-chain triglycerides gets absorbed in our small intestine providing energy to our body. The insoluble fiber helps in healthy gut.

The natural oil available in the dry coconut that may reduces bad cholesterol and improves good cholesterol. That means it may reduce our risk of heart disease.

This combination of snacking coconut and jaggery goes way back in time and help boost immunity especially in monsoon. When the weather changes this power packed combination will keep us warm and healthy. Says my Mother. Aanndd!… Mothers are always right.

Keep showing love.

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