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3 ways to Detox post festive season!

Happy New year socials!

As I promised, iam back to tell you all a little secret that I have been religiously following since I started flying. This is something I took seriously for over 9yrs now and I can say this is something that worked for me in spite of unusual travel patterns, odd timings and flying on a high altitude.

2020 was a rollercoaster ride and we all have been affected in some way or the other.

Weather or not we managed to sail through and survive, it’s been a year that taught us many things. Made us strong and independent.

We have have learned from our past and now we would like to get better in the future. Hence, we (@compassionut) would like to suggest you to follow 3 steps regularly to have a better lifestyle.

If nothing works, the following points will improve us internally, mentally and emotionally.


It’s important to drink enough water to flush out all the toxins, sweets and fatty food we ate during the last week of Dec. It’s also a great way to detox the toxic thoughts.

🫐 Eat Clean🫐

Eating clean / avoiding highly processed food must be our prime concern on a longer run.

Tip- Try using a tongue scraper to remove toxins post brushing your teeth.

🌙 Good Sleep 🌙

Just like our mind needs a vacation from all the hustle we tackle in the office, similarly, our body needs a good break too.

Tip- wake up and read motivational thoughts to manipulate mind.

Hope this helps you all to maintain a better lifestyle and see you soon.

with gratitude

Much love! ❤️

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