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Exercise inspiration from Japanese quotes.

"Yande nochi hajimete kenkou no kachi wo shiru"

A Japanese proverb stuck with me. Meaning? "You don't know the value of good health until you lose it". Something we must keep in mind, no matter how old or young we are, health is constant in any mindset. Japanese people are very particular about everything, from their food to their exercise fads.

We can maintain or loose weight with food. But isn't it also cool that exercise gives you the benefit to multiply the chances of longevity? Exercise plays a vital role in keeping our bones, muscles, and joints strong on a long run.

The Japanese people workout before work. It's their culture. This tradition has shown several benefits, like Increased flexibility and endurance. Iam not forcing anyone or influencing you to do what is advertised. I sometimes hate it too. Fitness culture can feel overwhelming for those who aren't used to it, and it's easy to get pulled into the feeling of shame and guilt. The adds do make it harsh on people to believe that exercise, maintaining and achieving a particular body shape is the only way out to acceptance.

However, its not a bad deal. Its a bonus. Exercise has proven to reduces the risk of developing several diseases like Type 2 Diabetes, Cancer and Cardiovascular diseases. It improves memory, concentration, lessen sleep disorder, lowers bad cholesterol and reduce blood pressure.

Rest is upto us. Because I strongly believe.

It's all about MINDSET

With Gratitude,

Thank you for reading.

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