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How NOT to eat like the Grinch this Christmas!

'Tis the season to be naughty

fala la la la la la la la..!🎶

It's Christmas season, and I am sure you all are super excited.

Festive season = sweets and candies all around = weight gain.

It is impossible to avoid the unwanted weight gain around this time, Christmas happens to everybody, but don't worry, I've got your back!

Remember, it's all about the mindset.

I have always been an eater, one who indulges in large portions too. My friends will vouch for it.

Here are a few simple pointers you can keep in mind to avoid weight gain.

Skip second servings at the buffet.

It can be tempting to help ourselves to second servings at the buffet, because we are spoiled for choice and perhaps we just haven't tried everything, or we used the first helping to narrow down what we like and then went all out in the second helping. That's where we ignore the multiplying calories.

Eat fibre-rich food. 🥕

Choose a dish that has more veggies, fruits, grains. High fibre foods like fruits and vegetables are low in calories. They stay longer in our stomach, keep us full for longer; hence, helps us avoid weight gain.

Opt for lean cuts of meat. Opt for lean cuts of meat and avoid covering your meat with rich and creamy sauce. Try to make low sugar dessert.

Avoid binge eating.

It can be challenging to control the urge to reach out to the oh-so-inviting candies and cookies strewn around the place. Instead, swap the candy jar to a bowl of fresh fruits. In this way, you will eat healthier.

Stay active. 🚴

We know, when we are at family gatherings, it can be challenging to stay active. But guess what? A 15-20 mins walk with your cousins post-dinner can help you digest the food faster and better. Perhaps a carolling stroll?

Mindful of portion size.

Eyes can be bigger than the stomach, well, at least mine are. So to avoid filling up my plate to the brim; here's an unusually simple solution; consider using a small plate. With this, the dish looks full, and I don't end up eating much.

Avoid processed food. 🚫🍩

This is the easiest thing to do to avoid weight gain. I mean, we can all manage to avoid consuming like highly processed sausages, butter, cheese, loaves of bread, the list goes on.

Avoid liquid calories. 🧃

It is easy to identify the calorie content by reading a nutrition label on the bottle. To make it easy, try and squeeze your own juice instead of buying a colourful tetra pack/bottle; they're usually stuffed with sugar, colour and preserves.

Modify your cooking and recipes.

Adopt cooking methods like baking, steaming, grilling instead of deep-frying or using gallons of oil while cooking. Similarly, we can make small changes in our meal preps to make food healthier. Use sweet potatoes in recipes that require regular potatoes, modify the dish with an olive oil or avocado oil instead or use it judiciously.

Plan in advance.

Planning your day in advance could take away most of your worries. Don't go to a party hungry or thirsty. This may help you to avoid over-consuming unhealthy catered food, where you have no control of the oils, processed food, unhealthy cheese, sodas or MSG (monosodium glutamate) used.

These are a few tips that can come in handy when you are celebrating this Christmas with your loved ones. 🤗

This Christmas enjoy to the fullest with a little mindfulness.

I shall be back with some exciting tips to share later, on how to detox post-Christmas. 😜

Until then, stay safe and eat healthy.

With gratitude,

Much love.


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