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Mood Booster Foods

Our mental health is directly linked to our food. Nutrition is so so important to maintain a healthy brain.

There are many factors influencing our mood, such as stress, sleep, environment, food, water. It can be difficult to say that food can raise our spirit by 100%. However, these following foods have shown significant difference in mood elevation. 🍵- Drinking green tea lowers the stress hormones cortisol. A study has shown the consumption of green increases dopamine and serotonin, which helps reducing depression. 🍌- The natural sugar, vitamin B6 and probiotic fiber maintains the blood sugar levels and keeps the mood stable. 🍣- The Omega-3 from the fatty fish like salmon helps reduce depression. 🍫 - Dark Chocolate is known as a brain food. It's health promoting flavonoids increases blood flow to the brain and boost brain health. 🫐 - Blue Berries, or as @jimkwik calls them the brain berries. Berries are full of antioxidants that help manage inflammation, reducing stress and lowers the risk of depression. 🍚 - Gut health is directly affects our mood. The fermentation in the yogurt helps improve gut health resulting in good mood.

When feeling blue make your you don't reach out to those packaged snacks like chips, cookies or deepfried fritters. Reach out to one of the above that will help weight loss as well boost your mood.

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