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What's all The Fuss About Breakfast?

Were you ever able to drive your car without the fuel?

Well, then why are you driving yourself out and about without the fuel that is essential for your body?

If we breakdown the word 'breakfast' its more comfortable to understand the importance of it. Our body is fasting the whole night. It is necessary to refuel our body with a healthy meal for it to give us the energy to run our day without being irritated and tired.

It is a meal that will keep us going all day long. Having said that, it is also essential to make the right choice when planning breakfast. Ideally, breakfast should consist of all the vital ingredients that come under the blanket dietary recommendation of 'must-have', so we are good to go without being worried. Keeps us full for a longer time means we end up managing our weight.

Our first meal can be as simple as:

Granola with milk/yoghurt and fruits, add some nuts and seeds, so it benefits us with all the necessary vitamins and minerals + fibre that keeps us full for long hours.

If you are a fan of eggs, fancy your eggs with some spinach, mushroom, tomatoes and carb it up with whole wheat bread. Add a glass of smoothie with fresh or frozen fruits.

Running out of time? Well then blend the fruits and vegetables like beetroot, pineapple, carrots, add natural sweeteners like berries, maple syrup or honey to a handful of spinach or kale in the smoothie. Its is the tastiest, and you won't feel the presents of greens in it.

Oatmeal porridge, oatmeal pancakes topped up with Greek yoghurt, berries, banana coins and a tbsp of maple syrup is good enough to keep us full for long.

Fan of savoury? The options are unlimited, my personal favourite is 'pohay', Indian breakfast and snack prepared in the cuisines of several Indian states.

Guess what? I am also a fan of eating leftover like a chapati (Indian flatbread) and sabzi (vegetables in gravy or stir-fried vegetables).

Additionally, if we can consider eating the following list of food in the morning, will keep our brain healthy and smart:




Dark chocolate

Kale, Spinach




Our Understanding:

Studies have shown that skipping breakfast leads to weight gain. We assume we can step out without having breakfast, and we will be okay. Yes, we will be okay, we just won't be able to excel.

With gratitude,

Much Love. <3

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