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Who's Cooking Your Food?

Eating healthier than ever for recovery. 🌈 The link between diet and health depends on 'who is cooking your food'. 🥥It's deep if you think about it. A diet of a poor woman who cooks is healthier than a wealthy women who don't. 🥗This is because, home cooking is declining since late 60s as the processed food has become more prominent. 🍋

Fortunately, my family always practiced the art of home cooking. 🍉And it didn't take me too long to understand, that the world is overtaken by capitalists. 🥙After moving to Dubai, I realized, that more than 80% population depends on eating outside. 🍔KFC, Mc Donalds etc are made their way into every household post 2nd world war with preservatives and chemicals that are harmful to humans. 🍖 For the world, I really hope people are more aware of their food habits and practice eating healthy, made at home. also we all need to understand something that is very basic, yet an understatement. *You are not a looser if you cook your own food*.

Food is my weakness and about the surgery, I was afraid I was going to loose my appetite or taste buds. 🥬 With gods blessings, Iam enjoying the process of healing with correct food and care. 🍎

Food definitely plays a big role in my life and I only wish that my love for food stays unconditional and infinite. 🍉

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