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Hold on to your waste

As I hold on to my mother’s philosophy of root-to-stem cooking.

Little hacks come handy, and so I have decided to share these tips I have learned from my parents with you all.

Freezer them: We often end up putting all the peels and the heads of the veggies we used in the trash. On the contrary, I saw my grandma storing leftovers and the waste of vegetables in the freezer to make vegetable stock.

Fruits for Fertilizer: What do you usually do when you finish eating a banana, apple, an orange or a pomegranate?? Trash them? Well, now you can store them in a zip lock bag with some water a few days and then use the water a plant fertilizer.

Onion and garlic peels: What?!! How can one use onion and garlic peels?

Well, the outer skin of onion and garlic contains high antioxidant and a great source of vitamin A, C and E.

Tips to use onion and garlic skin

  1. Pop in some onion skins in the rice cooker to add nutrients to rice.

  2. Heat the onion skin or a few layers of onion with hair oil to stop hair fall naturally.

  3. Use onion and garlic-infused water on the skin to avoid skin allergies and acne.

Can’t use them now? Alrighty! Store them in a zip lock or plastic bag or a container for later in the freezer.


Aai, Baba and Aaji.

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